Table 3

Annual variation in numbers of preselected disease–exposure pairs in the 30 university hospital centres

Diseases (ICD-10 codes)Exposures200220032004200520062007p Value*
No. of persons followed613464386967679970347447
Primary malignant neoplasms of the respiratory tract (C34–C39)Asbestos and other inorganic substances2292892892994535490.00
Primary malignant neoplasms of the respiratory tract (C34–C39)Other chemical products1323201726450.00
Mesothelioma (C45)Asbestos and other inorganic substances6368877699940.06
Pleural plaque (J92)Asbestos and other inorganic substances865801110910049858040.00
Mood (affective) disorders (F30–F39) and adjustment disorders, neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (F40–F48, T74)Mental exposures and organisational stress63188111511306146616140.00
Disorders of the cervical spine (M4712, M4822, M50, M500-M509, M530, M531, M5310, M5312, M5313, M5412, M542, M5422, M5423, M5429, M5482)Physical workload, manual handling, manipulation and postural demands2237444829350,97
Disorders of the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine (M4316, M4327, M4795, M4806, M4855, M510, M511, M5324, M5338, M5385, M5395, M54, M5416, M543, M5430, M5436, M5437, M5439, M544, M5385, M5446, M5447, M5449, M545, M5450, M5456, M5457, M5459, M546, M5465, M5466, M5484, M5485, M5486, M5488)Physical workload, manual handling, manipulation and postural demands2372532942402392860.22
Synovitis, tenosynovitis and other disorders of shoulder or elbow tendons (M75, M70, M77)Physical workload, manual handling, manipulation and postural demands2642972953613224080.00
Carpal tunnel syndrome (G50–G59)Physical workload, manual handling, manipulation and postural demands1741691681981892020.93
Asthma (J45-J46)Organic substances (vegetable and animal)1921471731381291100.00
Asthma (J45–J46)Cleaning products2019222723240.80
Asthma (J45–J46)Cosmetics3639435039340.33
Asthma (J45–J46)Other chemical products163145121138107680.00
Rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis (J30–J31)Organic substances (animal and vegetable)1051071068761830.00
Rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis (J30–J31)Cosmetics2328233022230.32
Rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis (J30–J31)Other chemical products3838253120260.00
Dermatitis (allergic, irritant, other) (L20–L30)Organic substances (animal and vegetable)991291241211121140.18
Dermatitis (allergic, irritant, other) (L20–L30)Cleaning products1511551511431571330.01
Dermatitis (allergic, irritant, other) (L20–L30)Cosmetics929487971131260.17
Dermatitis (allergic, irritant, other) (L20–L30)Other chemical products2592592502182332130.00
Primary or presumed primary malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue (C81–C96)Benzene and other chemical products1619192827390.00
  • * χ2 test for trend (Armitage).