Table 6 Comparison of non-smokers’ symptom changes in BHETSE compared to other bar workers’ studies
% With symptoms, BHETSE study (n = 57)% With symptoms, All Ireland Bar Study11 (n = 138)% With symptoms, California study (n = 53)†
Respiratory symptoms
    Median (IQR) number of symptoms1 (0–2)0 (0–2)1 (0–2)0 (0–2)**NANA
    Any symptom54396549**7432**
    Shortness of breath23201616198*
    Cough, morning2312*21155323**
    Cough, rest of day or night35233825**4911**
    Phlegm production3214**4329**5311**
Sensory symptoms
    Median number of symptoms2 (0–2)1 (0–2)*1 (0–2)0 (0–1)**NANA
    Any symptom74606745**7719**
    Eyes, red or irritated4418**4114**426**
    Nose, runny or sneezing545144356015**
    Throat, sore or scratchy47373319**2513*
  • *p<0.1, **p<0.05, for follow-up versus baseline.

  • †The study of California bar workers10 includes data from smokers. Follow-up was within 8 weeks of baseline compared to 1 year for the BHETSE study and the All Ireland Bar Study.

  • IQR, interquartile range.