Table 1

Mean annual incidences of diseases (ICD-10, two-digit level) by sectors of activity in the Grenoble occupational health service, 2004–2007 the letters D,G,H,J,K,L,N,O refer to the first level of the NAF activity sector code.

Diseases (ICD-10, 2-digit level)D, manufacturing industriesG, trade, vehicle and domestic appliance repairsH, hotel and cateringJ, transport, communicationK, property business, rentals, company servicesL, public administrationN, health care and social workO, other community and social services
No. of employees followed675473361896209012434150875373354
No. of cases, incidencenInInInInInInInI
05Mental and behavioural disorders304.4496.4842414.2393.232364.8123.6
06Carpal tunnel syndrome81.2101.421.211.480.753.4192.441.1
06Other than carpal tunnel syndrome20.320.310.611.430.310.720.310.3
08Diseases of the ear and mastoid91.340.6
09Diseases of the circulatory system7160.910.250.4101.410.4
10Diseases of the respiratory system13220.380.73230.430.9
12Diseases of the skin30.510.12140.3111.441.1
13MSD, upper limb365.4426179.311.4403.2106.7567.2133.8
13MSD, spine253.9415.7105.221.8403.342.5718.982.3
13MSD, other60.981.163.313121.215220.6
13Other rheumatic diseases10.210.1
  • I, incidence; MSD, musculoskeletal disorder; n, number of cases.