Table 2 Baseline characteristics, and one-year follow-up of sickness absence in risk groups of work disability
Risk group classificationAll subjects
Low riskIntermediate riskHigh risk
Mean age (years) (range)43 (19–60)43 (19–61)47 (23–60)44 (19–61)
Sex (female; %)1912612
Blue-collar (%)52587862
Sickness absence
    None (% within group)46493042
    Mean (days)5.65.318.89.6
    Standard deviation13.910.636.623.6
    Median (days)1152
    Upper quartile (days)65199
    Maximum (days)14572229229
    Sum (days)21562827785412837
Employment terminated during follow-up (%)7687
1 year follow-up
Sickness absence
    None (% within group)46452740
    Mean (days)6.16.924.612.1
    Standard deviation13.113.449.130.5
    Median (days)1162
    Upper quartile (days)672110
    Maximum (days)107115365365
    Sum (days)21813506944615132
  • The risk classification predicted sickness absence: 62% of sickness absence days during the 12-month follow-up took place within the high risk group (table 2).