Table 3 Industry sectors and occupations with an estimate of a total of at least 50 attributable deaths (registrations for NMSC) by cancer site and occupational exposure
Industry/job categoriesAttributable deaths (registrations for NMSC)
Construction including:470002132101012133658150454369Ar, Asb, Ch, Co, DEE, ETS, Pb, PAH, R, Si, Sr, W, Ca, N, Fo, PAHc, “painting
Roofers, glaziers, road surfacers, concreters, roadman, paviours, kerb layers and their foremen54435443PAHc
Painters & decorators27020122282painting
Metal workers2431317451222022008137MWF
Personal and household services001017024014122167317468Asb, Ca, Bz, DEE, ETS, PAH, R, Sr, Ch, Pb, Fo
Mining (not metals)2134715305201167427Asb, DEE, PAH, Si, Sr
Land transport2120028830457789431121Asb, Bz, DEE, ETS, PAH, R, Sr, Ch, Pb, Si, W
Wholesale and retail trade and restaurants and hotels00100110267890204200Asb, Bz, DEE, ETS, PAH, R, Sr, Pb
Printers and printing machine minders and their foremen1954019540mineral oils + printing ink
Printing, publishing and allied industries7358326535Ca, Co, DEE, Pb, PAH, R, Sr, Ch, ETS, Ni, Si, W
Farming, horticulture, gardening, forestry and related153110111142923943D, NAP, Sr, R, ETS
Manufacture of transport equipment371113910054121465Ar, Asb, Be, Ch, Co, DEE, N, PAH, R, Si, Sr, Ca, ETS, Pb, W
Public administration and defence (Armed Forces)19222151723439R, ETS, PAH, DEE, Sr, Pb
Services allied to transport200026661718977Bz, Co, DEE, ETS, Pb, PAH, R, Sr, Ca, Ch, N, Si, W
Welders1391313913Welding fumes
Financing, insurance, real estate and business services272546537378R, ETS, Sr
Communication7661716877DEE, ETS, R, Sr, Pb
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment2006121169118031Be, Ca, Co, Ch, Fo, DEE, Pb, N, PAH, R, Si, Sr, ETS, W
Sanitary and similar services009135830354456Ar, Asb, Bz, Co, DEE, ETS, PAH, R, Sr, Ca, Ch, Pb, Si, W
Electricity, gas and steam2163733185821Ar, Asb, Be, Ch, Co, DEE, PAH, R, Si, Sr, Ca, ETS, Pb, N, W
Manufacture of machinery except electrical10057205820Be, Ca, Ch, Co, DEE, PAH, R, Si, Fo, ETS, Pb, N, W
Non-ferrous metal basic industries100531563006018Ar, Bz, Ca, Ch, Co, DEE, Pb, N, PAH, R, Si, Sr, Fo, W
Manufacture of other chemical products0041623646Ar, Bz, EO, 1–3B, Asb, Ch, Co, DEE, Pb, R, Si, Fo, Ca, ETS, N, W
Coach and other spray painters and painting assembling and related occupations5044154915Spray painting
Recreational and cultural services7824283136Ar, ETS, R, Sr
Manufacture of industrial chemicals000036522585Ar, AA, Asb, Bz, Fo, 1–3B, Ca, Ch, Co, DEE, Pb, PAH, R, Si, Be, ETS, N, W
  • Table 3 gives for each cancer, numbers of deaths (registrations for NMSC) within industry sectors or jobs for which there were at least 50 estimated attributable cancers; the exposures concerned are listed, with those contributing most (at least 10 cancers in men plus women) being shown in bold.

  • *Totals are for lung, bladder, leukaemia, mesothelioma and nasal cancers plus attributable registrations for NMSC. 0  =  <0.5; blank cell  =  cancer not represented.

  • AA, aromatic amine (bladder); Ar, arsenic (lung); Asb, asbestos (lung, mesothelioma); Be, beryllium (lung); Bz, benzene (leukaemia); Ca, cadmium (lung); Ch, chromium IV (lung, sinonasal); Co, cobalt (lung); D, dioxins (lung); DEE, diesel engine exhaust (lung, bladder); EO, ethylene oxide (leukaemia); ETS, environmental tobacco smoke (lung); F, female; Fo, formaldehyde (sinonasal, leukaemia); M, male; MWF, metal working fluids (bladder, NMSC, sinonasal); N, nickel (lung, sinonasal); NAP, non-arsenical pesticide (leukaemia); NMSC, non-melanoma skin cancer; PAH, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (lung, bladder); PAHc, coal tar and pitch (NMSC); Pb, lead (lung); R, radon (lung); Si, silica (lung); Sr, solar radiation (NMSC); W, wood dust (Sinonasal); 1–3B 1–3 butadiene (leukaemia).