Table 3

 Comparison of low back pain risk estimates (odds ratios) for different exposure/dose metrics from a case–control study among automobile assembly workers

Peak vs cumulative measureExposure/dose metricOdds ratio*95% CI
*Odds ratios compare risk for the 75th versus the 25th percentiles of the distribution of the exposure/dose measure.
†Peak exposure expressed as percentage of the maximum voluntary extensor moment (gender specific).
Exposure is extensor moment at L4/L5. Dose metric from a first order system with recovery time constant (?) of 2 or 5000 seconds (adapted from Krajcarski et al29).
PeakExposure (% MVE)†1.5(1.0 to 2.6)
Dose metric (τ = 2 s)2.2(1.1 to 4.7)
CumulativeExposure (N·m·s/shift)1.9(1.0 to 3.9)
Dose metric (τ = 5000 s)1.9(1.1 to 3.8)