Table 1 Mean daily deaths, air quality and meteorological data by county, 2000–2003
Mortality category*FresnoKernRiversideSacramentoSan DiegoSanta Clara
All-cause, all modifiers13.411.428.822.049.521.3
Total cardiovascular5.
    High school graduate3.
    Not high school graduate2.
County characteristics
Population (1000s)7996621545122328141683
Mean PM2.5 (µg/m3)17.519.527.112.615.313.9
Mean temp (oF)64.265.765.561.861.959.5
Mean humidity (%)56.558.262.666.175.868.3
  • PM, particulate matter.

  • *Some columns do not add up due to rounding, omitted subgroups (Asians or “other”) or definitions (ie, high school graduation is based on status of those aged ⩾25).