Table 1

 Demographics and hearing loss risk factors, by ambient noise exposure level

CharacteristicNoise exposure (Leq)
Total (n = 6217)<82 dB (n = 1648)82–84 dB (n = 2810)85–87 dB (n = 1175)⩾88 dB (n = 584)p†
†Pearson’s chi-square comparing the four noise exposure groups.
Age (mean (SD))<0.0001
African-American (no (%))5909.5895.42177.712510.615927.2<0.0001
Male (no (%))582093.6157995.8260492.7111494.852389.6<0.0001
Number of hearing tests (mean (SD))10.82.310.92.410.<0.0001
Risk factors (no (%))
    Ear infections163326.346528.272925.928624.315326.20.13
    Shoot or hunt375060.3104163.2164158.478166.528749.1<0.0001
    Noisy hobbies292847.183550.7131846.958249.519333.0<0.0001
    Previous noisy job336154.180949.1151553.968758.535059.9<0.0001
    History of hearing loss in family141022.741024.963622.625321.511119.00.02
Baseline hearing status (mean (SD))
    Mean 3K, 4K, 6K (dB)25.317.628.318.125.117.423.117.322.116.0<0.0001