Table 3

 Diagnostic model for chest x ray indicative for pneumoconiosis and the corresponding predicted probability

Variable in the modelValueScore
Age⩾40 years1.0
Smoking habitCurrent smoker1.0
High exposure job titleConcrete repairman, concrete blaster, concrete driller and grinder, terrazzo worker, pile-top crusher, natural stone worker, recess miller, tuck pointer chasing out mortar between bricks, rubble cleaner, recess cutter or demolition worker1.5
Work duration in the construction industry⩾15 years1.5
Self-rated health“Feeling unhealthy”1.25
Standardised residual FEV1⩽−1.01.25
Sum score
Sum score<333.754.04.254.755.256.257.5
Predicted probability of outcome (%)0122.53581945