Table 2

 Selected O*NET exposure variables, internal consistency of composite scores in the job–exposure matrix and Spearman correlation coefficients between socioeconomic status and quintiles of selected exposure scores in O*NET job–exposure matrix: 114 jobs in two private hospitals, Massachusetts, 2002

ExposureO*NET variable(s)Cronbach’s αSpearman’s r coefficientp Value
Psychological demandsAbilityim20, abilityim21, abilitylv20, abilitylv21, values090.790.230.003
Decision latitudeValues07, values15, values16, values19, values25, values270.920.69<0.001
Job strain ratioRatio of psychological demands by decision latitude–0.51<0.001
RewardsValues13, values20, values10, values18, values220.840.63<0.001
Coworkers supportValues140.310.001
Supervisor supportValues23, values240.76–0.450.001
Noise levelContext11–0.190.02
Uncomfortable temperature extremesContext12–0.090.25
Hazardous equipmentContext21–0.070.35
Time bending or twisting the bodyContext30–0.160.04
Time kneeling, crouching, stooping or crawlingContext27–0.130.10
Capacity to exert forceAbilitylv32, abilitylv33, abilitylv34, abilitylv35, abilitylv36, abilitylv37, abilitylv380.96–0.230.004
Pause frequencyValues09–0.180.02