Table 2 Health problems: findings in one or more of these topics. Percentages have been calculated within the group
TopicCriterian ()
Severe physical impairment at work (010)5270 (64)
Severe painAt least moderate pain that affects working ability at minimum three times a week81 (18)
Self-rated future working ability:Uncertain of own ability (Uncertain), or quite sure (Not able) not being able244 (58)
Potential depression (030)DEPS score 1168 (16)
Severe insomniaProblems in falling asleep or night awakenings AND daytime tiredness daily or almost daily60 (14)
Work-related fatigueVery much feeling of being squeezed empty because of work35 (8)
Work-related stressVery much feeling tense, strained, nervous and/or anxious because things are on ones mind all the time30 (7)
  • Sum of percentages exceeds 100 because many subjects had more than one abnormal finding.