Table 1 Questionnaire topics
Body anthropometricsHeight and weight, calculation of body mass index
Physical activityExercise, way to work, leisure-time activities. Modified from Laatikainen et al 7
Alcohol consumptionFrequency and dosage. Modified from Simpura et al 8
PainFrequency and intensity
Impairment due to musculoskeletal problems at work and leisure timeSemi-continuous visual analogue scale (010)9
DepressionDepression score, DEPS scale 03010
Stress and fatigueWork-related stress and fatigue.9 11
Sleep disturbancesModification of the Basic Nordic Sleep Questionnaire12
Daytime sleepinessEpworth Sleepiness Scale 02413
Future working abilitySelf-rated ability to continue working in the present job due to health problems after two years14