Table 2

 Incidence of accidents among agricultural workers leading to ⩾3 days absence from work during 1996–2003 and comparative data from Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations for the same period

Type of accidentAll agricultural workersAgricultural employeesSelf-employed agricultural workers
Accidents(n)Incidence*Incidence from RIDDOR†Accidents(n)Incidence*Incidence from RIDDOR†Accidents(n)Incidence*Incidence from RIDDOR†
RIDDOR, Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.
*Incidence per 1000 person-years.
†Incidence of major and “over three day” injuries per 1000 person-years in farming, forestry and horticulture from RIDDOR statistics.
Contact with moving machinery or material being machined412.90.41112.30.64303.30.10
Hit by a moving, flying or falling object392.80.78173.41.23212.30.15
Hit by a moving vehicle90.70.1420.40.2260.70.03
Hit something fixed or stationary151.10.2151.10.34101.10.02
Injured while handling, lifting or carrying704.90.99316.21.67384.20.04
Slipped, tripped or fell on the same level362.60.77153.11.30192.20.04
Fell from a height654.60.56163.30.89495.30.11
Exposed to, or in contact with, a harmful substance50.40.1010.20.1740.50.01
Injured by an animal473.40.34163.40.54313.50.06
All accidents36319.54.5812720.27.4123018.90.60