Table 3 The relative pair-wise within-person variation r, and the relative limit of longitudinal decline LLDr for individuals with asthma and with COPD by quartiles of bronchial hypereactivity (BHR)
ProgramCondition%ΔFEV1 (n)r (%)LLDr (%)95th percentile %ΔFEV1
P4COPD & BHRq1†71127.317.918.9
P4COPD & BHRq265755.814.615.3
P4COPD & BHRq388304.912.312.2
P4COPD & BHRq429254.310.910.5
  • †BHRq1-q4 represent quartiles of BHR; q1 is highest and q4 is lowest degree of BHR.