Table 1 Distribution of mortality counts and city characteristics across 50 US cities during the period 1989–2000
All cities (n = 50)
    Total deaths (n)140485083288225168178477588
    Myocardial infarction deaths (n)1475405462491529949975
    Cardiac arrest deaths (n)11126972213443174
Cities included in the cold analysis (n = 42)
    Daily temperature during cold months (°C)
    Central heating (%)*8089969899
    Population density (population/km2)9431551810344340
Cities included in the heat analysis (n = 42)
    Daily temperature during warm months (°C)
    Central air conditioning (%)*1735677690
    Population density (population/km2)1293605159053621
  • *Data available only for 38 cities.