Table 1 Yale prognostic filter and keywords for work, ability, MDD, cLBP and MI
Prognostic filter (Yale)cohort studies[mh] OR prognosis[mh] OR mortality[mh] OR morbidity[mh] OR ‘natural history’ OR prognost*[tiab] OR course[tiab] OR predict*[tiab] OR outcome assessment[mh] OR outcome*[tiab] OR inception cohort* OR disease progression[mh] OR survival analysis[mh]
Workwork OR working OR worker OR workers OR occupation OR occupations OR occupational OR vocation OR vocational OR labor OR labour OR job OR jobs OR employ OR employment OR unemployment OR retirement OR retirements OR pension OR pensions OR return to work OR RTW OR work rehabilitation OR vocational rehabilitation OR sick listed
Abilityability OR abilities OR able OR disablement OR disabled OR unable OR disability OR disabilities OR capability OR capabilities OR capable OR incapable OR functioning OR performance OR dysfunction OR capacity OR incapacity OR participation
MIInfarction, Myocardial OR Infarctions, Myocardial OR Myocardial Infarctions OR Myocardial Infarct OR Infarct, Myocardial OR Infarcts, Myocardial OR Myocardial Infarcts
cLBPBack Pain, Low OR Back Pains, Low OR Low Back Pains OR Pain, Low Back OR Pains, Low Back OR Low Back Ache OR Ache, Low Back OR Aches, Low Back OR Back Ache, Low OR Back Aches, Low OR Low Back Aches OR Low Backache OR Backache, Low OR Backaches, Low OR Low Backaches OR Lower Back Pain OR Back Pain, Lower OR Back Pains, Lower OR Lower Back Pains OR Pain, Lower Back OR Pains, Lower Back OR Lumbago OR Low Back Pain, Mechanical OR Mechanical Low Back Pain OR Low Back Pain, Posterior Compartment OR Low Back Pain, Postural OR Postural Low Back Pain OR Low Back Pain, Recurrent OR Recurrent Low Back Pain
MDDDepressive Disorders OR Disorder, Depressive OR Disorders, Depressive OR Neurosis, Depressive OR Depressive Neuroses OR Depressive Neurosis OR Neuroses, Depressive OR Melancholia OR Melancholias OR Unipolar Depression OR Depression, Unipolar OR Depressions, Unipolar OR Unipolar Depressions OR Depression, Endogenous OR Depressions, Endogenous OR Endogenous Depression OR Endogenous Depressions OR Depressive Syndrome OR Depressive Syndromes OR Syndrome, Depressive OR Syndromes, Depressive OR Depression, Neurotic OR Depressions, Neurotic OR Neurotic Depression OR Neurotic Depressions