Table 1

 Age standardised hospitalisation ratios (SHR) 1994–2003 and 95% confidence intervals (CI) among male bus drivers, heavy truck and lorry drivers, and car, taxi, and van drivers due to non-traumatic intracranial haemorrhage, stroke, and cerebral infarction

No.CasesExpectedSHR95% CI
Stroke (I60–I64)
Car, taxi, and van drivers420411774.1157132–189
Bus drivers6285156112.0139119–163
Heavy truck and lorry drivers25879453365.8124113–136
All male drivers 36368726551.9132121–141
Non-traumatic intracranial haemorrhage (I60–I62)
Car, taxi, and van drivers42042216.613585–204
Bus drivers62853224.712989–183
Heavy truck and lorry drivers258799086.110584–129
All male drivers 36368144127.111396–133
Cerebral infarction (I63)
Car, taxi, and van drivers42045131.1164122–216
Bus drivers62856447.0136105–174
Heavy truck and lorry drivers25879204151.2135118–155
All male drivers 36368319229.3139124–155