Table 2

 Association between physical function measures and the type of lifetime occupation

Unadjusted means (SE)pAdjusted means† (SE)p
Manual workNon-manual workManual workNon-manual work
n = 237n = 91n = 237n = 91
*The physical performance battery score (composed by usual gait speed, balance, and chair stand tests) ranges from 0 (worst performance) to 12 (best performance).
†Adjusted for age, gender, education, depression, cognitive performance scale score, physical activity, number of diseases, hearing impairment, history of alcohol abuse, smoking habit, and haemoglobin level.
Hand grip strength (kg)29.8 (0.8)31.6 (1.7)0.32028.2 (0.8)32.5 (1.4)0.012
Physical performance battery score*6.4 (0.2)7.1 (0.4)0.0146.1 (0.2)7.1 (0.4)0.035