Table 4 Mortality rate ratios from Cox proportional hazards models with penalised spline models for silica and lung cancer: comparison of cohort definitions for the Vermont granite study, 1950–94
Cohort definitionMaximum MRR* (95% CI)Exposure† at maximum MRR% Prevalent hires
Hired 1940 or later2.60 (1.54 to 4.39)2.2527.2
Hired 1930 or later2.45 (1.53 to 3.94)3.5136.1
Hired 1920 or later2.29 (1.62 to 3.23)4.5545.7
  • *Models used age as the timeline and controlled for calendar year and age at hire.

  • †Cumulative exposure with 15-year lag, in mg-year/m3.