Table 5

 Relative risk (RR) and confidence interval (CI) of lung cancer by cumulative exposure (CE) to plant dust, asbestos, quartz dust, and smoking among Finns in 1971–95 adjusted by each other, age, social class, and period, lag time 10 years

Agent/confounderCE classMenWomen
RR95% CIRR95% CI
Plant dustHigh (>40 mg/m3-year)1.060.80–1.400.840.40–1.77
Medium (10–40 mg/m3-year)0.780.73–0.830.950.72–1.26
Low (<10 mg/m3-year)0.940.88––1.16
None (reference)1.00(reference)1.00(reference)
AsbestosHigh (>10 f/cm3-year)1.241.15–1.341.100.69–1.75
Medium (2–10 f/cm3-year)1.221.15–1.290.910.54–1.54
Low (<2 f/cm3-year)1.061.00–1.120.750.46–1.22
None (reference)1.00(reference)1.00(reference)
Quartz dustHigh (>10 mg/m3-year)1.241.09–1.411.180.78–1.79
Medium (1–10 mg/m3-year)0.980.92––1.78
Low (<1 mg/m3-year)1.040.98–1.090.960.68–1.34
None (reference)1.00(reference)1.00(reference)
Smoking indexEffect of 10% increase in daily smoking prevalence of an occupation1.181.16–1.211.391.31–1.47