Table 1

 Occupations with exposure to eight organic dusts, proportion of exposed persons (P) in %, and average exposure level (L) in 1960–84 according to FINJEM

CodeOccupationExposure (unit mg/m3)
Wood dustPulp or paper dustFlour dustPlant dustTextile dustLeather dustAnimal dustSynthetic polymer dust
052Secondary school rectors, teachers, and instructors10.25
300Farmers, silviculturists, horticulturists890.51740.02
305Livestock breeders290.601000.02
306Fur farmers1000.38
310Farm workers800.66620.03
312Fur farm workers1000.38
319Occupations in agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry, nec630.05
600Fibre processors443.13111.00220.20
601Spinning machine operators451.571001.0051.00
602Wearing machine operators610.71260.40
603Textile machine setter operators61.601000.80
604Knitting machine operators1000.7
605Textile finishers, dyers290.5090.10
606Textile inspectors1000.50
609Occupations in textiles, nec190.30190.35
610Tailors, salon seamstresses1000.15
612Milliners and hatmakers730.20
614Patternmakers and cutters (also leather garments and gloves)760.7040.20220.40
615Industrial sewers etc (also leather garments and gloves)770.6040.60190.40
619Cutting, sewing, and upholstering occupations, nec580.70290.50
621Leather cutters for footwear740.70
623Lasters and sole fitters, etc170.15
625Leather sewers, etc180.50
672Plywood and fibreboard workers661.02
673Construction carpenters1000.08
674Wooden boatbuilders, coach-body builders, etc900.20
675Bench carpenters1001.14
676Cabinetmakers and joiners etc1001.00
677Woodworking machine operators, etc1002.50
678Wooden surface finishers800.10
679Woodworking occupations, nec1000.10
680Painters, lacquerers, and floor layers182.98
720Grain millers4517.25673.22
722Chocolate and confectionery manufacturers41.00
723Brewers, beverage makers, and kilnmen35.00
725Butchers and sausage makers210.00
727Processed food workers165.00
729Occupations in the food industry, nec1210.00331.00
735Paper and cardboard mill workers470.80
740Tobacco industry workers820.38
751Rubber products workers101.00
752Plastic product workers20.92
753Tanners, fellmongers, and pelt dressers231.00
757Paper products workers490.50
760Packers and labellers etc50.5051.1913.5750.60
811Cooks etc40.25
850Laundry workers60.20