Table 5

 Linear regression results (coefficients (b), standard errors (SE), and p values) for log transformed urine mercury and creatinine corrected urine mercury concentrations in women aged 16–49 years for selected characteristics: United States, 1999–2000

CharacteristicLog transformed urine mercury concentrationLog transformed creatinine corrected urine mercury
Unadjusted modelsMultivariate model*Unadjusted modelsMultivariate model†
b (SE)p valueb (SE)p valueb (SE)p valueb (SE)p value
NA, not applicable.
–, indicates that the covariate was not included in the model.
*Model 1: most parsimonious model when dependent variable is log transformed urine mercury (μg/l).
†Model 2: most parsimonious model when dependent variable is log transformed creatinine corrected urine mercury (μg/g).
‡Information for education and alcohol available only on 20–49 year olds. These covariates were not included in the multivariate regression analyses.
§A smoker is defined as having a cotinine level of 10 ng/ml or higher.
¶Used as a continuous variable. Log transformed value for total blood mercury.
    35–49 years0.21 (0.10)0.0464−0.43 (0.11)0.00030.64 (0.10)0.0000
    20–34 years0.18 (0.08)0.0290−0.15 (0.09)0.11290.33 (0.09)0.0005
    16–19 yearsReferenceReferenceReference
    Non-Hispanic black0.42 (0.10)0.00010.48 (0.08)0.0000−0.10 (0.09)0.2607
    Mexican American0.05 (0.10)0.65990.25 (0.06)0.0003−0.08 (0.12)0.4892
    Non-Hispanic whiteReferenceReferenceReference
    Yes0.07 (0.14)0.63040.11 (0.10)0.2428
    Did not complete high school−0.12 (0.14)0.3932−0.32 (0.11)0.0071
    Completed high school−0.16 (0.10)0.0955−0.22 (0.07)0.0022
    Some collegeReferenceReference
Cotinine smoking status§
    Smoker−0.33 (0.10)0.0020−0.41 (0.09)0.0000−0.20 (0.05)0.0004
Had a dental visit past 12 months
    Yes0.12 (0.08)0.12630.27 (0.07)0.0005
Fish and/or shellfish consumption in past 30 days
    Yes0.40 (0.09)0.00000.47 (0.08)0.0000
Alcohol consumption‡
    Moderate/heavy drinker−0.07 (0.22)0.72990.14 (0.17)0.4051
    Light drinker−0.18 (0.09)0.0577−0.07 (0.09)0.4326
Total blood mercury concentration¶0.35 (0.04)0.00000.30 (0.04)0.00000.41 (0.03)0.00000.35 (0.02)0.0000
Number of amalgam surfaces§0.06 (0.01)0.00000.07 (0.01)0.00000.07 (0.00)0.00000.06 (0.00)0.0000