Table 1

 Frequency distributions of demographic and life style characteristics in female workers by non-fabrication (non-fab) and fabrication (fab) work areas

Demographic and lifestyle characteristicsNon-fabFab
EtchingThin filmPhotolithographyDiffusion
Number of workers13316312774109
Age (%)
    <23 years9.828.844.128.438.5
    23–29 years48.
    >29 years42.127.019.732.420.2
Education (%)
    High school44.486.579.585.196.3
Current smoking (%)
Current drinking (%)
Current coffee (%)
Current tea (%)
Extra work (%)
Work pattern (%)
    Weekday work (8 am–6 pm)
    Day work (7 am–7 pm)42.964.436.247.324.8
    Night work (7 pm–7 am)3.830.158.340.571.6
Stress level classified by psychiatric score (%)
Body mass index (%)
    <19 kg/m227.828.
    19–24 kg/m259.456.457.552.765.1
    >24 kg/m212.815.313.416.27.3
Pregnancy history (%)