Table 4

 Risk of sensitisation to various allergens with respect to contacts with farm animals. Because of the small number of subjects sensitised to bovine dander adjusted ORs could not be calculated

nOR (95% CI) of sensitisation to any of the pollensOR (95% CI) of sensitisation to dog or catPrevalence of sensitisation to bovine dander (%)
*Adjusted for smoking history and childhood farming environment.
†Thirty six subjects could not define the duration of work with animals.
Visits in animal shed during the last 12 months
    No visits179111.1
    Less than once a week991.3 (0.66–2.5)0.93 (0.46–1.9)1.0
    Once a week to once a day660.52 (0.20–1.4)1.5 (0.72–3.1)9.1
    More than once daily880.41 (0.15–1.1)*0.28 (0.09–0.86)*10.2
Duration of work with farm animals†
    Not at all203112.0
    <5 years420.71 (0.27–1.9)1.2 (0.51–3.0)2.4
    5–15 years580.30 (0.10–0.90)0.48 (0.18–1.3)1.7
    >15 years940.21 (0.07–0.62)*0.67 (0.30–1.5)*11.7