Table 2

 Prevalences of sensitisation to specific allergens, expressed in percentages

Not living on a farm, n = 202Living on a farm, n = 231 (50, 65, 116)*p Value†Living on a dairy farm, n = 113 (12, 19, 82)Living on a farm with other types of animal husbandry, n = 38 (8, 11, 19)Living on a crop farm, n = 80 (30, 35, 15)p Value‡
*Within each category, the first number in parentheses indicates the number of subjects who did not actively participate in farm work, the second number indicates half time farm workers, and the third number indicates full time farm workers.
†Fisher’s exact test between the groups “not living on a farm” and “living on a farm”.
‡χ2 test between the groups “not living on a farm”, “dairy farm”, “other animal husbandry”, and “crop farm”.
Timothy grass9.
Any of the pollens17.310.40.0494.415.816.30.01
Dog or cat15.812.
House dust mite7.
Storage mite10.98.70.5211.
Bovine dander0.07.8<0.000112.42.63.8<0.0001
Any of the allergens37.134.60.6231.936.837.50.79