Table 1

 Basic characteristics of the subjects

Not living on a farm, n = 202Living on a farm, n = 231p Value
*Due to the skewed distribution, Mann-Whitney U test was used.
The continuous variables are expressed as means and standard deviations in parenthesis, and compared by Student’s t test between the groups. The categorical variables are expressed as percentages, and the comparisons between the groups were carried out using Fisher’s exact test.
Mean (SD) age (years)39.2 (5.7)41.5 (5.7)NS
Mean (SD) body mass index (kg/m2)25.2 (4.1)25.2 (3.9)NS
Ex smokers (%)23120.005
Current smokers (%)1050.047
Mean (SD) length of education (years)13.0 (2.7)13.2 (2.7)NS
Having cats or dogs indoors currently (%)3455<0.0001
Parental atopy (%)4041NS
Mean (SD) number of older siblings1.8 (1.7)1.9 (2.0)NS*
Childhood farming environment (%)4970<0.0001
Having had pets during childhood (%)7378NS
Passive smoking during childhood (%)69530.001
Allergic dermatitis during childhood (%)2322NS
Childhood day care attendance (%)2.01.7NS