Table 1

 Reported potential hazardous conditions and health risks by charcoal workers in northeastern Bahia, 2001–02

ActivityHazardous situationHealth consequences
Kiln workers
Loading kilnsWood pile, wood piecesFall, slip, and trip from the pile
Wood pile collapseCut, crush, or laceration of hand, foot, or limbs; being struck by logs
Repetitive movements, weight of the woodBack and muscle pain, fatigue, spinal hernia
Hidden insects, scorpions, and snakesPoisonous bites
Starting fireClimbing a kilnFall and slip from the rooftop or ladder
BurningWood smoke and charcoal particulateEye and throat irritation, sinusitis, tuberculosis, lung diseases
Fall of the kiln roof or wallInjuries
Unloading kilnsKiln heat or fire while unloadingBurns, eye irritation
Kiln heat and rainCold/flu
Confined spaceDizziness, fainting
Tractor/truck drivers and tractor/truck loaders
Loading and unloading trucksWood pile collapseFall, slip, and trip from the pile
Repetitive movements, log weightCut, crush, or laceration of hand foot or limbs; being struck by logs Back and muscle pain, hernia
Hidden insects, scorpions, and snakesPoisonous bites
Wood transportationRoad conditions, trafficVehicle fall, wood pile collapse, injuries, traffic accidents
Inadequate vehicle maintenance
Truck/tractor fuel and engine exhaustSkin and respiratory tract irritation
Loggers and logger helpers
LoggingChainsaw weightMuscle pain
Chainsaw malfunctionSevere cuts
Chainsaw engine (gasoline) fumeRespiratory tract irritation
Tree fall while cuttingInjuries
Kiln burners
Burning kiln inspectionWood smokeEye and respiratory tract irritation
Lung disease
Charcoal carriers
Loading charcoalClimbing up stairsSlips and falls
Charcoal dustEye irritation