Table 2

 Job records with reported work related injuries or illnesses that were included in the regression analysis compared to those that were excluded, weighted data

VariableJob records included n = 4765Job records excluded* n = 374p value
*An additional 174 excluded job records containing a second or subsequent injury have not been included in this comparison because they are a subset of the included jobs.
Gender (% male)62.661.80.78
Race (e.g. % black)23.419.80.44
Marital status (% married)
Region (e.g. % Southern)33.535.60.30
Urban (%)
Occupation (e.g. operatives)
Industry (e.g. % manufacturing)
Injury (e.g. % musculoskeletal)
Satisfaction (% likes job)83.384.20.66
Age (mean)29.331.3<0.01
Family income (mean $1000s)30.430.50.97
Family size (mean)
Education (mean years)
Salary (mean $1000s)15.520.2<0.01