Table 1

 Characteristics of the workers reporting work related injuries and illnesses, weighted data

Characteristics of the workers reporting a work related injury or illnessWork related injuries and illnesses reported in all jobs n = 5139Work related injuries and illnesses in jobs with an exposure* n = 2799
Some individual workers reported more than one injury and thus their characteristics are counted more than once in this table.
*Jobs with any of the four types of exposures.
Male (%)61.167.7
Age (mean years)31.732.3
Black race (%)11.211.2
Hispanic ethnicity (%)6.87.0
Family income (mean dollars)$33419$35502
Schooling completed (mean years)12.612.6
Region (%)
    North Central31.031.6
Urban residence (%)27.429.5
Occupation classification (%)
    Professional and technical11.09.7
    Managers, officials, proprietors9.810.5
    Sales workers2.42.5
    Craftsmen, foremen19.617.6
    Machine operators20.022.6
    Labourers, except farm9.39.0
    Service workers15.116.5
Industry classification (%)
    Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries3.73.7
    Transportation and communication7.78.6
    Wholesale and retail trade18.518.7
    Finance, insurance, real estate2.21.7
    Business and repair services6.36.9
    Personal services3.12.8
    Entertainment and recreational1.51.9
    Professional and related services14.611.6
    Public administration6.37.0
Worker covered by union contract20.823.0
Worker dislikes the job15.816.1
Annual wages (mean dollars)$21265$23439