Table 1

 Detailed job description and exposure status in 1970 for the 831 controls in the Danish dry cleaner study

CodeDetailed job descriptionSize of workplaceTotal
*Owners and managers of dry cleaning shops were all coded as “dry cleaners” due to the small average size of the shops, and the clear referral to them as active workers in the dry cleaning association journals.
†(Code 010, 030, 040) and ((code 021–026, 033, 041, 048) and (size<10)).
‡(Code 027 + ((code 021–026, 033, 041, 048) and (size>10))). The few persons with detailed occupational codes 021–026, 033, 041, 048 and size unknown, were individually allocated to the dry cleaner group or other workers group based on available information, e.g. number of machines in the shop.
§(Code 050–100). A mangle shop was a shop where cold ironing of linen was performed after washing.
010Dry cleaner, incl. owner, manager of dry cleaning shop*5589
Other workers in dry cleaning
021 Presser, ironer86115
022 Spot cleaner0213
023 Shop assistant, packing, sorting149326
024 Accounting, office0404
025 Driver5229
026 Tailor/sewing0011
027 Shop for collection/return of clothes for dry cleaning0055
030Dry cleaner also doing laundry work, including owner, manager of combined dry cleaning/laundry shop*915
Other workers in dry cleaning/laundry
033 Shop assistant, packing, sorting0011
040Dry cleaner also doing dyeing work, including owner, manager of combined dry cleaning/dye shop*14
Other workers in dry cleaning/dye shop
041 Presser, ironer1001
048 Dyer2013
050Dye shop, all jobs0055
060Laundry hospital, all jobs005959
070Laundry not hospital, all jobs00508508
080Textile industry, renting of clothes, ironer, etc005555
090Mangle shop001919
100Census form incorrectly coded0099
Dry cleaner and other workers in dry cleaning shops with less than 10 employees†143
Other workers in dry cleaning shops‡33
Unexposed workers being laundry workers, mangle shops owners, etc§655