Table 2

 Characteristics of the study populations and prevalence of insomnia related symptoms in relation to reported building dampness

No building dampness (n = 13154)Building dampness (n = 2872)p value
Results expressed as % and mean (SD).
Age, years40.1 (7.3)38.5 (7.2)<0.001
Smoking history<0.001
    Never smokers46.342.9
    Current smokers28.631.9<0.001
Type of housing<0.001
    Detached house44.235.2
    Semi-detached house15.614.4
Age of housing<0.001
    0–10 years14.29.0
    11–20 years20.017.5
    21–40 years33.635.8
    41–60 years15.417.0
    More than 60 years16.720.7
Insomnia (at least one symptom)23.629.4<0.001
Difficulty inducing sleep7.310.0<0.001
Difficulty maintaining sleep17.822.4<0.001
Early morning awakenings8.610.40.002