Table 3

 Risk of work related injuries experienced in a six month period by public hospital based workers (n = 475) by organisation and occupational factors; Costa Rica, 2000

Variable (reference)Work related injuries
n%RateRRc95% CIRRa95% CI
RRc, crude rate ratio of work related injuries; RRa, adjusted rate ratio for the significant (p<0.05) variables on the bivariate crude analysis.
*Two separate logistic regression models were developed: one model included safety practices and safety climate as separate variables, and the second model included the combined variable of safety climate and safety practices. The estimations for the second model did not vary significantly so data for the rest of covariates presented in the table correspond to results using the first model.
Demographic variables
    Female280362. to 1.28
    ⩽41 years234155.210.11
    >41 years190144.88.80.860.73 to 1.03
    Medical technician3477.78.90.890.64 to 1.25
    Ancillary183641.09.20.920.76 to 1.12
    General services50711.39.80.980.74 to 1.31
Occupational variables
Direct contact with patients
    Yes414494.89.71.491.01 to to 1.67
Exposure to chemical products
    Yes247856.711.81.551.31 to 1.821.361.13 to 1.62
Exposure to radiation
    Yes186742.412.41.521.29 to 1.801.090.91 to 1.31
Exposure to biological hazards
    Yes392587.310.31.651.28 to to 1.50
Exposure to physical hazards
    Yes143031.813.01.551.29 to 1.851.261.04 to 1.52
Organisational variables
Type of hospital
    Regional126328. to 1.21
    Peripheral80017.88.20.830.66 to 1.05
Management safety training
    No370383.510.01.301.03 to 1.630.830.65 to 1.07
Workers safety training
    No355279.910.71.611.31 to 1.991.411.11 to 1.78
Personal protective equipment
    No253959.310.91.351.14 to 1.601.090.92 to 1.30
Administrative controls
    High level2285.16.311
    Low level427094.99.71.541.05 to 2.250.940.64 to 1.37
Job tasks interference
    Low level68915.35.811
    High level380984.710.71.851.47 to 2.321.461.16 to 1.86
Safety practices
    High level*173038.57.811
    Low level276861.510.91.401.19 to 1.661.271.07 to 1.51
Safety climate
    High level*3557.94.411
    Low level414392.110.52.361.75 to 3.201.511.06 to 2.15
Safety climate and safety practices
    High climate and high practices*2184.84.311
    High climate and low practices1373. to 1.991.270.67 to 2.42
    Low climate and high practices151233. to 3.051.510.96 to 2.36
    Low climate and low practices263158.511.82.751.88 to 4.011.921.23 to 3.00