Table 4

 Data material, mean exposure, and exposure variability at job and task levels for house painters

JobWall except sanding and sand-fillingWoodwork except eaves IronBreak DrivingEavesCeiling except sanding and sand-fillingUnspecifiedWall: Sand-fillingCovering Carrying materials and tools CleanupWall: SandingFloor except sandingFloor: SandingCeiling: Sand-fillingCeiling: Sanding
All tasks occurring in the diaries are shown, ordered according to decreasing proportion of daily measurement time. The task category “unspecified” was formed a posteriori for periods with insufficient task information.
sBS2, sBD2, variance between subjects and between days (within subject), respectively.
Data material
% of daily measurement time
Exposure variables
% time >90°
% time >90° at least 5 seconds