Table 2

 Data material, mean exposure, and exposure variability at job and task levels for machinists

JobRegular latheBreakCNC*: Lathe turning ProgrammingGrinding Surface grindingOther assemblyCNC*: Setting up Milling DrillingLarge lathe/ drilling machine/ machine centreAssembly at fitter’s benchMilling cutterUpright drilling machineUnspecifiedBench drilling machine
All tasks occurring in the diaries are shown, ordered according to decreasing proportion of daily measurement time. The task category “unspecified” was formed a posteriori for periods with insufficient task information.
sBS2, sBD2, variance between subjects and between days (within subject), respectively.
*CNC, computer operated numerically controlled tools.
Data material
% of daily measurement time
Exposure variables
% time >90°0
% time >90° at least 5 seconds