Table 5

 Ischaemic heart disease mortality and noise exposure at 85dB(A) or higher: odds ratios associated with each 10 years of exposure, assuming a constant trend in exposed group only*

Crude ORAdj† OR (95% CI)Adj‡ OR (95% CI)
*Model included dichotomous exposure variable (years at 85dB(A) or higher exposure)/10.
†Model included five pre-employment measures: see table 3.
‡Model included five pre-employment measures and duration of employment.
Both sites0.960.94 (0.81–1.09)0.91 (0.76–1.09)
Site A0.850.84 (0.67–1.05)0.79 (0.59–1.07)
Site B1.061.01 (0.82–1.24)1.02 (0.81–1.29)