Table 3

 Ischaemic heart disease mortality and noise exposure: odds ratio for exposed (⩾1 year at 85dB(A) or higher) v unexposed

% Exposed
CasesControlsCrude ORAdj* OR (95% CI)Adj† OR (95% CI)
*Model included five pre-employment measures: systolic and diastolic BP, BMI, smoking, and height.
†Model included five pre-employment measures and duration of employment.
Both sites65%62%1.141.15 (0.95–1.40)1.13 (0.92–1.39)
Site A72%72%1.000.95 (0.70–1.29)0.99 (0.71–1.40)
Site B59%53%1.261.32 (1.02–1.70)1.25 (0.96–1.62)