Table 2

 Baseline cardiovascular factors and employment characteristics by exposure group (controls only)

Unexposed* (n = 416)Cumulative exposure, NIL85
Low* (n = 232)Medium* (n = 220)High* (n = 233)
*Unexposed, less than one year above 85dB(A); low, 85⩽NIL85<94.8; medium, 94.8⩽NIL85<99.7; high, NIL85⩾99.7.
Age at recruitment (median years)36383938
Height (median cm)171171171170
High blood pressure at recruitment (% with BP⩾160 and/or DBP⩾95)23%19%20%25%
Overweight at recruitment: (% with BMI >25)31%28%30%29%
    (1) % smokers among those with smoking data67%70%69%66%
    (2) % missing42%31%13%2%
    (1) % ever among those with data50%59%70%74%
    (2) % missing7%8%3%3%
Employment duration (median years)231321