Table 1

 Characteristics of the men included in the analyses

Czech Rep. (n = 174)Russia (n = 364)Poland (n = 156)Total (n = 694)
Mean annual consumption of ethanol (g)8603528148866018
Mean number of drinking session per year184.075.395.2106.7
Mean dose per drinking session (g of ethanol)43.764.141.654.1
Binge drinking (>80 g ethanol at least once a week) (%)
Problem drinking (CAGE 2+) (%)20.437.613.927.5
Social consequences of drinking (%)
Mean age (years)52.152.853.652.8
Mean deprivation score (0–9)
Mean depression score (0–60)9.411.59.310.5
Primary education only (%)
Married (%)87.489.983.287.8
Effort-reward ratio >1 (%)