Table 1

 Focus group participant details

Employees with anxiety and depression
Anxiety management group 18 femaleSecretarial, Sales, Unemployed (2), Photographic assistant, Care assistant, Sales consultant, Prevocational tutor18–55
Anxiety management group 25 female 2 maleScientific officer (NHS), Retired (2), Administrator, Veterinary Surgeon, Car mechanic, Electrician28–63
Anxiety management group 33 male 1 femaleProgramme Area Manager/Lecturer, Primary School Head Teacher, Unemployed, Researcher22–55
Employee group 12 female 5 maleTeacher (3), University administrator, Teacher in higher education, Registrar in primary school, University technician35–60
Employee group 27 femaleAdmin in university (2), Bank, Council worker, University administrator, Enquiry officer–police station, Public sector29–53
Employee group 35 female 2 maleCar leasing–payroll, Food manufacturing, Advisory teacher, Accounts–coach company, Personnel, Mental Health Social Worker, Freelance Lecturer30–56
Employee group 4 (managers)3 female 2 maleFront line manager–food company, Personnel manager (NHS), Health and safety manager (2), Head teacher, Worker in higher education33–58
Employee group 5 (managers)2 female 3 maleLawyer in Civil service, Veterinary Surgeon, Deputy governor of prison, Computing services at university45–54
Employee group 63 female 1 maleLocum staff grade psychiatrist, Consultant psychiatrist, Former GP, Senior House Officer28–54
Organisational representatives
Organisational group 11 female 2 maleOccupational Health Nurse–manufacturing, Occupational Health Physician–manufacturing, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor–manufacturing/construction
Organisational group 25 female 2 maleTraining Manager, Hospital Human Resources Manager, Counselling and Support Manager, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Advisor–healthcare, Personnel Officer (2)
Organisational group 37 female 3 maleOccupational Health–manufacturing (3), Union Health and Safety Representative, Health and Safety Officer–borough council, Occupational Health Nurse–health care (4), Occupational Health Nurse Specialist–civilian and service employees