Table 3

 Comparison between exposed police officers and fire-fighters and their reference groups with regard to mental health complaints

Police officersFire-fighters
ExposedReferenceOR (95% CI)ExposedReferenceOR (95% CI)
OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; SRIP, Self-Rating Inventory for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder; CIS, Checklist Individual Strength; SCL-90, Symptoms Checklist-90.
The reported prevalences reflect scores above the cut-off values for the questionnaires. Analyses are adjusted for age, gender, ethnicity, professional level, level of education, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, level of physical activity, number of adverse life events, and chronic diseases.
PTSD (SRIP)6.5%2.4%2.8 (1.5–5.0)*5.4%2.6%1.1 (0.4–3.7)
Fatigue (CIS)
    Subjective fatigue19.4%9.9%2.0 (1.4–2.7)*11.7%5.2%2.5 (1.0–6.6)*
    Total score16.7%8.8%1.8 (1.3–2.6)*11.7%2.6%3.6 (1.2–11.0)*
    Agoraphobia8.3%6.3%1.2 (0.8–1.9)9.6%4.1%1.9 (0.5–3.0)
    Anxiety31.7%18.9%1.8 (1.4–2.3)*27.2%20.6%1.2 (0.7–2.5)
    Depression21.9%11.4%2.1 (1.5–2.8)*20.1%8.2%1.6 (0.8–3.1)
    Somatic symptoms32.4%17.0%2.1 (1.6–2.7)*34.4%13.9%2.6 (1.4–4.8)*
    Obsessive-compulsive26.9%16.7%1.7 (1.3–2.2)*28.1%12.9%1.8 (1.0–3.2)*
    Inter-personal sensitivity12.0%7.7%1.5 (1.1–2.2)*13.5%6.7%1.5 (0.7–3.3)
    Hostility42.7%32.2%1.5 (1.2–1.8)*34.7%24.2%1.4 (0.8–2.3)
    Sleeping problems48.3%35.5%1.6 (1.3–2.0)*47.9%32.0%1.4 (0.9–2.3)