Table 1

 Description of the study populations

The Netherlands cohortThe LISA-Munich cohort
Frequencies n/NPrevalence %Frequencies n/NPrevalence %
Parental education*
Degree of urbanisation
    Strongly urbanised 1297/263311.3
    Urban 2782/263329.7
    Moderately urban 3615/263323.4
    Slightly urban 5519/263319.7
    Non-urban 5420/263316.0
Total traffic (subjective assessment)
    None/not many/low1115/263342.4407/67360.5
Modelled exposure (GIS data)GM (N = 2633)(GSD)GM (N = 673)(GSD)
Categories in first row for Dutch cohort, categories after slash for Munich cohort.
*Highest achieved level by father or mother.
PM2.5 (μg/m3)16.7(1.1)13.3(1.1)
PM2.5 abs (10−5m−1)1.65(1.27)1.73(1.17)
NO2 (μg/m3)23.7(1.4)27.1(1.2)