Table 2

 List of journals hand searched and frequency of articles belonging to the gold standard (GS)

JournalGS/total (n)Prevalence (%)
Occupational health specialty journals
    American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal21/16812.5
    American Journal of Industrial Medicine11/2504.4
    Annals of Occupational Hygiene5/1373.6
    International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health4/1602.5
    Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine29/24012.1
    Occupational and Environmental Medicine4/2491.6
    Scandinavian Journal of Work Environment and Health4/1103.6
General medicine journals
    New England Journal of Medicine0/8340.0
Specialty journals with important occupational health problems
    American Journal of Preventive Medicine2/2950.7
    Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation6/5261.1
    Contact Dermatitis21/5623.7
Diverse specialty journals