Table 4

 Trends in the fatal accident rate (for accidents at work) in British merchant shipping, 1976–2002

Time periodDeaths from accidents at workPopulation at riskFatal accident rate (95% CI)Relative risk seafarers: general British workforce
*Includes the 42 seafaring deaths that occurred when the bulk carrier Derbyshire foundered in the North Pacific.
†Includes the 38 seafaring deaths that occurred when the passenger ferry Herald of Free Enterprise capsized off Belgium.
1976–1980289*44120065.5(44.2 to 86.9)25.5
1981–198512428800043.1(30.5 to 55.6)20.1
1986–199075†13550055.4(26.1 to 84.7)28.9
1991–19951911841916.0(8.1 to 24.0)12.8
1996–20022315330815.0(8.9 to 21.1)16.0
1976–2002530113642746.6(35.5 to 57.8)27.8