Table 3

 Causes of all traumatic work related deaths according to type of ship in British merchant shipping, 1976–2002

Cause of deathCoastal shipsDeep sea ships
Passenger ferryTanker*General cargo*TugOffshore sectorOtherPassenger shipTanker*General cargo*Bulk carrierContainer ship*Royal Forces AuxiliaryOther(Total)
*Roll-on roll-off cargo and refrigerated cargo ships have been included with general cargo ships. Ships in coastal trades are defined as under 2000 gross tonnage, and those in deep sea trades as 2000 gross tonnage or over.
Maritime disasters
    Fire or explosion1641211248(57)
Occupational accidents
    Asphyxiated in holds1982(20)
    Asphyxiated in the engine room451(10)
    Falls overboard1144221794(35)
    Falls down or inside holds361461(30)
    Other falls on board1115452(19)
    Struck by heavy seas on deck264212(17)
    Struck by mooring and towing ropes21342411(18)
    Struck by other moving objects73111113144322(52)
    Other occupational accidents211113316113(24)
Off-duty accidents
    Falls into docks—returning to ship430258661024(77)
    Falls overboard13111(7)
    Falls on board111223122(15)
    Traffic related accidents ashore4631463232(34)
    Swimming and diving accidents11313221(14)
    Other off-duty accidents11221122121(16)
Drug and alcohol intoxication112112411(14)
Unknown circumstances