Table 2

 Causes of all traumatic work related deaths according to the rank of the deceased in British merchant shipping, 1976–2002

Cause of deathRank of the deceased
CaptainDeck officer*Engineer*Deck ratingEngine room ratingCatering/ stewardOther(Total)
*Deck cadets are included as deck officers, and engine room cadets as engineers.
Maritime disasters
    Fire or explosion1217101593(57)
Occupational accidents
    Asphyxiated in holds3161(20)
    Asphyxiated in the engine room235(10)
    Falls overboard4126121(35)
    Falls down or inside in holds5232(30)
    Other falls on board2161(19)
    Struck by heavy seas on deck4112(17)
    Struck by mooring and towing ropes8181(18)
    Struck by other moving objects18329101(52)
    Other occupational accidents1779(24)
Off-duty accidents
    Falls into docks—returning to ship9713253191(77)
    Falls overboard31111(7)
    Falls on board4353(15)
    Traffic related accidents ashore54104101(34)
    Swimming and diving accidents26231(14)
    Other off-duty accidents13354(16)
Drug and alcohol intoxication21254(14)
Unknown circumstances
    Missing at sea26102812281(87)