Table 1

 Proportion of evaluated miners with rapidly progressive coal workers’ pneumoconiosis by county (not listed are counties with fewer than five miners evaluated and less than 40% of evaluated miners with rapid progression)

County (state)Miners examined (1996–2002)Prevalence of CWP*Miners evaluated†Miners with rapid progressionProportion of evaluated miners with rapid progression
*Miners with small opacity profusion ⩾1/0, divided by the estimated average number of miners employed during the evaluation period, by county.
†Miners examined in 1996–2002 who had at least two examinations (including pre-1996).
Columbia (PA)826.55480.0
Lee (VA)1423.55480.0
Knott (KY)2894.29666.7
Somerset (PA)2813.214964.3
Randolph (WV)1717.68562.5
Tazewell (VA)1219.9261661.5
Leslie (KY)1344.55360.0
Martin (KY)1415.010660.0
Wise (VA)10956.0633758.7
Grant (WV)4214.37457.1
Pike (KY)7486.8733953.4
Dickenson (VA)29210.3311651.6
Floyd (KY)685.96350.0
Preston (WV)1998.016850.0
Fayette (AL)3042.68450.0
Buchanan (VA)7368.61226049.2
Russell (VA)991.013646.2
Upshur (WV)1705.313646.2
Delta (CO)3700.811545.5
Nicholas (WV)1403.611545.5
Perry (KY)2234.99444.4
Letcher (KY)5043.6231043.5
Raleigh (WV)30210.9512243.1
Mesa (CO)535.77342.9
Harlan (KY)4003.3241041.7