Table 1

 Causes of all traumatic work related deaths among seafarers in British merchant shipping, 1976–2002

Cause of deathNumber of deaths (%)Mortality rate per 100 000 seafarer-years (95% CI)
*All accidents at work refer to all accidents except traffic related accidents that occurred ashore.
    Maritime disasters176(21.1)15.5(4.8–26.2)
    Occupational accidents225(26.9)19.8(16.8 to 22.8)
    Off-duty accidents163(19.5)14.3(12.1 to 16.6)
Homicide17(2.0)1.5(0.8 to 2.2)
Suicide55(6.6)4.8(3.6 to 6.1)
Alcohol and drug intoxication14(1.7)1.2(0.6 to 1.9)
Unknown circumstances
    Drowned91(10.9)8.0(6.4 to 9.7)
    Missing at sea87(10.4)7.7(6.0 to 9.3)
    Other7(0.8)0.6(0.2 to 1.1)
All accidents564(67.5)49.6(38.4 to 60.8)
All accidents at work*530(63.5)46.6(35.5 to 57.8)
All traumatic work related deaths835(100.0)73.5(61.9 to 85.1)