Table 1

 Study population and available benzene exposure data by type of industry

IndustryStudy subjects (n)Factories/facilities (n)
TotalWith estimated benzene exposure levelsEstimated benzene exposure level ⩾25 ppm*
*In 1966/67.
†nec, not elsewhere classified.
‡Principally light engineering, electrical manufacturing, and electronics.
Coking plants, tar refineries, gas production70038259
Manufacture of chemicals and dyes (nec)†169253296
Manufacture of boots, shoes, and leather goods53121110
Printers and photographic studios4802692
Manufacture of paint, varnish, lacquers, and polish46415117
Manufacture of rubber65823126
Production of carbon black2310
Iron and steel foundries, smelters123640
Oil refineries and petroleum distribution339752
Electricity generation and transmission29611
Manufacture of linoleum68111
Other industries‡872412010
Not classified13421