Table 3

 Mean effects (95% CI)* of welding fume exposure on baseline to 6 hours post-baseline changes in levels of systemic inflammatory markers

Crude modelAdjusted model
C-reactive protein, mg/l0.24(−0.08 to 0.56)0.17(−0.17 to 0.51)
Fibrinogen, mg/dl−24§(−48 to 1)−24§(−51 to 3)
White blood cells, ×103/μl0.5§(−0.1 to 1.1)0.6‡(0 to 1.3)
Absolute neutrophils, ×103/μl0.6‡(0.01 to 1.1)0.7‡(0.1 to 1.3)
Relative neutrophils, %(−0.3 to 7)(−0.2 to 8)
Adjusted model† with interaction term for smoking status
*To account for repeated measurements, mean (95% CI) changes across the workday were calculated using mixed models.
†Models adjusted for centred age and smoking status.
‡p<0.05; §p<0.10.
C-reactive protein, mg/l0.17(−0.22 to 0.56)0.20(−0.60 to 1.00)
Fibrinogen, mg/dl−32‡(−63 to −1)8(−55 to 70)
White blood cells, ×103/μl0.8‡(0.1 to 1.6)0.01(−1.5 to 1.5)
Absolute neutrophils, ×103/μl1.0‡(0.4 to 1.7)−0.4(−1.7 to 0.9)
Relative neutrophils, %6‡(1 to 10)−3(−12 to 6)