Table 3

 Standardised incidence ratios (SIRs) for all cancer for employees with potential alachlor exposure (workplace or drinking water)

Years of exposure/years since first exposureSubjects*Person-yearsO/E† casesSIR95% CI
*Numbers of workers not mutually exclusive across groups, though person-years are.
†Observed number of cases/expected number of cases.
‡One worker moved into the Iowa study area after achieving either five years’ exposure or 15 years since first exposure.
§Refers to years of high exposure and years since first high exposure.
All alachlor exposed workers
<5 years/<15 years115270819/5.815671 to 297
<5 years/15+ years26020106/4.912445 to 269
5+ years/<15 years51943505/4.910233 to 237
5+ years/15+ years433444116/12.812572 to 203
Total‡11531788236/28.312789 to 176
Workers with high alachlor exposure
<5 years/<15 years§69966976/5.810438 to 226
<5 years/15+ years387374712/9.113268 to 230
5+ years/<15 years15814543/1.618338 to 534
5+ years/15+ years14219948/7.111349 to 224
Totalc7001389129/23.612382 to 177